One can hope, right? Pleeeeeease let it be what I think it is….

I’ve been in contact with ‘The Guy’ who is over seeing the production of and has informed me he has a team put together and they’re aiming for a December 17th launch! Please help share this information more for a great success!

I’m ready 😋😋😋

Sounds good. Let’s hope. But they might charge for use




Currently going on in my bedroom. 😈

Someone near and dear to me expressed that they were very, very horny. All week long have I been hearing it. So, after being fucked, and a short dinner break, we are now in all the leather bike gear, ass plugged, in the straitjacket, tapegag, vetwrapped head, legs spread out and ankles ties down, upper body thoroughly ratchet strapped down, with electro gently ‘kneading’ our balls, and our cock straining against the cage it’s locked in.

I’ve got laundry to fold and a kitchen to clean up now….. 😘

I trust you took out the trash, washed the car and pressure washed the deck, as well.

I wouldn’t want to see your productivity drop.

Esperando con paciencia que llegue el día de 😉


slave kody just happens to have beautiful bare feet… and that is too much temptation for ME!! 😈❤️. I had to grab a writing utensil and continue tormenting him! I really like this kid a lot. This video is 4 ½ minutes long in my fan page. 🤗❤️